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India Wildlife Tours Threatened Fauna And Flora of The Indian Forests

India Wildlife Tours Threatened Fauna And Flora of The Indian Forests – The green lush forests of India provide home ground for many endangered species. India is the home of around 70 national park and 448 wildlife sanctuaries. Tiger is the national animal of India and Apart from the Indian tigers, talked over under the Project Tiger, many other species like the Asiatic Lion, snow leopard, lion tailed macaque, one-horned rhinoceros, red panda, blackbuck, slender fall into this category.wildlife tours is the best luxury India Tours of India.

The popular wildlife destinations in India are Jim Corbett national Park, Sunderban National park, Sariska National Park, kanha National Park, Gir wildlife sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and lots more. The Asiatic Lion is protected in the Sunderban national Park. This majestic animal lives in radicals called pride and turns with his family. The blackbuck is the fastest bovid with blackish brown coating. Efforts to conserve this nuance animal of Indian Wildlife Tours are being made in the western region. The red deer is discovered only in the state of Kashmir. Slender Loris is a hierarchy, with long limbs, large ears and no tail. It is blazing by its silver hair and efforts are being made to assist this animal for the well being of the Wildlife in India. Blue sheep in Sikkim is also a species of the Indian forests which needs as much shelter and conservation as the Indian tigers, Asiatic Lions and other wildlife species.

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Conservation is an important fact of the wildlife in India. The natural diversity, natural inheritance and wildlife of Indian sub continent are regarded as nature’s gift covert by the people and the state. The Jim Corbett National park is the first National Park of India, located in Uttarakhand. The major attractions of the Park are Tigers, Leopards and Crocodiles. Major Highlights of the Tour are: – rivers and Safari ride. Sunderban National park is located in the Piyali, West Bengal. The major attractions of the tour are Bengal Tiger, Ridley sea Turtle and lots more. Highlights of the tour are: – Sajnakhali Sanctuary and largest crocodile famed area Bhagabatpur. Kanha National Park is well maintained park located in Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh. The major attractions of the tour are Tigers, leopards and Bears. Highlights of the tour: – Safari ride and elephant safari ride. The all safari ride is starts from early morning to late evening.

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