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Visit The Quaint Town of Torquay on The Great Ocean Road

Visit The Quaint Town of Torquay on The Great Ocean Road – Australia is famous as being a sports loving country. Among the international sports Australians do well at is surfing. Over the years, Australia has produced a lot more than its great amount of world champions and among Australia’s most successful overseas exports happen to be surf related products. Amazingly, a large number of got their begin in the little capital of scotland – Torquay, just 60 miles (95 kilometers) from Melbourne, Victoria.

Back inside the fifties and sixties, there to be real no form of clothing that may be thought as strictly “surfwear.” Surfers needed to buy swimming trunks in large sizes or have their own girlfriends sew them for the children, since there is no kind of swimwear which was designed designed for surfing. The Hawaiian shirt became related to surfing, but not only with surfing. It took a couple of upstart companies in Torquay Australia to invent surfwear as we know it today.

Two with the world’s largest surf and sportswear companies, Quiksilver and Rip Curl, are derived from modest beginnings in Torquay. One of the biggest surfing competitions in the world, the Rip Curl Bells Beach has been running since since early 1960s and became a professional contest in 1973. Back then, it absolutely was run on a shoestring as well as the most the winners could hope for as being a prize ended up being to win back their travel expenses. Today, it is just a multi-million dollar contest which is an essential part in the world surfing circuit.

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The Bells Beach contest in Torquay plays many in surfing history. In 1981, Simon Anderson tackled both competition plus some of the biggest waves inside contest’s history on his new invention, the “thruster” surfboard. He won the contest for this strange 3 finned board. After that, surfboard design was changed forever and the three-finned short boards would be the norm even today.

A city which has played such a prominent role in the reputation surfing is naturally planning to have a surfing museum. As you would expect from a small town that thinks big, Surf World Museum in Torquay is the largest museum dedicated solely to surfing culture in the world.

“What about folks who don’t surf?” you might be asking. “Is there anything in Torquay for us?” Yes, there’s. Torquay also is on the Great Ocean Road, one from the world’s most famous scenic roads. If you remain in Torquay, get ready to experience the scenery without even needing to drive. The Surf Coast Walk takes so long as 11 hours to finish so they cover a distance of 19 miles (30 kilometers). Whether you want to tackle all of it in one day is about you, though. It may be segmented, so you can park a single area and take in just as much or as few as that suits you in one day.

In order to make great waves, it can be almost an absolute necessity for any great surfing location to even be inside a spectacularly scenic location. Torquay’s Bells Beach, Jan Juc and also other Surf Coast spots are not any exception to this rule. The town itself enjoys a stunningly picturesque setting. Whether you are a surfer or otherwise not, if you love the sea, you may love staying inside a Torquay accommodation and achieving to learn the region as well as unique community.

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